What I want to be when I grow up

There is many things I want to do when I grow up. But my biggest thing I want to do is to be a firefighter. Most of my family is a firefighter which has inspired me to become one. Like my dad, he has been a firefighter for a long time just like his brother my uncle Michael my uncles son wants to become part of the firesquad too. Here is all the names of my family in the firesquad. My dad, my uncle Michael, my cousin Justin, my couzen chealcy. All of them have inspired me to be a firefighter.


How to be a back spot in cheerleading

To be a backs pot in stunts isn’t that hard f you learn the right way and make no mistakes. The back spot is one of the most important spot in stunting. The back spot helps lift the flyer and keeps the flyer levelled correctly.if  the flyer ever falls backwards the back spot will catch the flyer. Now what you do while your a back spot is you count before the flyer goes up first you place your hands on the flyers waist. when the flyers feet goes on the bases hands you push the flyers butt up.when the flyer is fully up hold her ankles. While holding the flyers ankles then help lift the flyer so the bases won’t have all the flyers weight on them. When cradling count 1.2 down up or count how your coaches want you too count. When are ready to cradle push her feet out while throwing her up. Before she lands have your arms straight out and don’t back out of the stunt or she will fall and get hert. I’m a back spot and this is my first year ever being a back spot but I love being a backs pot.

My hobbies

I really like to stay active and stay social with people. I also have like crafting. I love to sit down and paint, draw or even make things. One of my favorite crafts is to play with mason jars. I have learned that using mason jars can help keep you organized or be a decoration for your room. I love to use really bright colors on my mason jars. To give a pop or a spice look to my room. Mason jars have a thing to hold your things in place so you know we’re your things are at. The question also is what to do with mason jars?

My homeschool journey

Today was a very lazy day.But still a good one.I got up early like I was supposed to but I went to the the living rooms couch and fell asleep on it.Later I then woke up and went to the bedroom and fell asleep.finally I had to get up and do my work. I did what I was supposed to do and still have a great day . I learned today that just because you didn’t do what you were supposed to do this morning doesn’t mean you can’t fix your mistakes.

My Homeschooling Journey

Hi guys this is Celie. Today was a really good day for school. I got up early and finished early. Now I usually get up late and finish late but today I finished early. Thru the month of August I think that this month was fun. I got to go on a field trip to history museum of Tennessee. Also this month was my birthday and I had lots of fun.  I honestly think that since this month I think I like homeschooling better.